Monday, April 18, 2011

Fight Modern Health Problems by Eating Like a Caveman

Yes, a caveman. Have you ever seen a picture of an overweight caveman? Me neither.

Now, it's true that cavemen didn't live as long as we do today, but that was not due to their diet. It was usually due to injury, non-food related health problems or some bigger, stronger animal getting the best of him.

The point is that cavemen ate very naturally because preservatives, high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils were not invented yet. Highly processes carbohydrates like white flour and refined sugar did not exist either.

These "forms" of food have been developed by man with just one goal in make food taste better so you will buy more of it.

Going back to the caveman diet, all they could eat was fruit from trees, vegetables from the ground and meat in it's purest form. This sounds a lot like what stores are labeling "organic" today.

Your next thought may be that cavemen were never exposed to the flavors we have today. So going back to exactly how they ate may be pretty bland tasting making it difficult to eat like that for very long.

Well that's where a cookbook using mostly ingredients available to cavemen millions of years ago plus some added flavoring (natural too, of course) to make us coming back for more. This cookbook has over 370 recipes in it. Plus, get access to the original two cookbooks that came before it for free!.