Sunday, March 27, 2011

Make Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes at Home!

The average family spends about $400 per month on eating out at restaurants.

$400 a month!

Cut that bill and spend more time at home with your family by making those same recipes in your own kitchen.

The next time you are out eating at a one of your favorite restaurants or falling in love with a dish you are trying for the first time, try to figure out how they made it.

Too difficult you say?

You can break down a food dish into 3 basic groups:
1. Ingredients you can see
2. How it is prepared
3. Ingredients you can't see, but you taste them

The first one is pretty easy. Take inventory of every food that you see on the plate. Noodles, chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, whatever. The name of the dish can usually help out this group since it usually mentions the main ingredients.

The second group is probably the second easiest to figure out. If you are unsure (sauteed or pan fried for example), ask the waiter. If they don't know, ask them to ask the chef. They are not revealing the whole recipe of the dish, so they should not mind telling you just the cooking method.

The third one is the most difficult group. Training your palette to recognize flavors take time and practice. Make some dishes at home using the exact recipe and really concentrate while you eat. Try to taste the half teaspoon of thyme. Remember how strong or weak the taste is that equates to a half teaspoon.

Does this all seem a little too time consuming and prone to error? You can cheat a little and find your favorite restaurant recipes all put together in one cookbook. Get a bonus second cookbook FREE!

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